Specialised IT Outsourcing Solution
Proactive Support & Tailored Services

Specialised IT Outsourcing

Proactive Support & Tailored Services

Eliminate the cost, risk, and challenges that come with managing your IT environment internally. Achieve higher levels of productivity, security, and service delivery by investing in a proactive managed IT solution tailored to your needs.

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Don't let IT issues disrupt operations and cost your business money

Many businesses adopt a reactive approach to IT management, but this often leads to operational inefficiencies, downtime, security breaches, sub-par customer service, and lost sales opportunities. With TBIG’s specialised IT outsourcing solution, you can gain peace of mind as we oversee, monitor, and manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure, preventing costly downtime and breaches before they occur.
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TBIG Managed Support - Proactive

Let TBIG revolutionise your approach to modern IT management

At TBIG Managed Solutions, we help your business run efficiently, maximise uptime, and prevent security breaches with a specialised IT outsourcing service. We free up your team so they can achieve higher levels of productivity and service delivery while helping you offload the risk, labour, and cost of managing your own IT environment, even if you don’t have a big budget.

Transition from reactive to proactive IT management in 3 simple steps:

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TBIG's All-Inclusive
Managed Support Agreement (MSA)

Managed Support Agreement

Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive, tailor-made IT outsourcing solution that ensures the stability, security, and scalability of your IT infrastructure.

With a predictable monthly fee, you can free up time to focus on core business activities and experience boosted efficiency, productivity, and service delivery.

With TBIG's specialised solution, you enjoy these advantages:

TBIG's specialised services include:

Additionally, should you possess specialised systems or devices requiring management and maintenance, we are more than capable of integrating them into our service, provided they align with our skillset.

Schedule your FREE no-obligation IT needs analysis

Get a practical, tailor-made IT solution proposal for your business and a clear understanding of what needs to done to optimise your IT environment.

Enjoy peace of mind with TBIG's Total Satisfaction Guarantee

During the initial 3-month onboarding period, you have the freedom to cancel without penalty if you find it not feasible to continue.

Looking for Ad Hoc IT Support instead?

If our All-Inclusive MSA is too comprehensive or costly for your company, we also offer pay-as-you-go support and callouts. With this option, a minimal monthly fee covers fundamental services. You will be billed per incident when you require onsite or remote support.

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We build lasting relationships with our clients

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Ignoring Managed IT Support can have costly repercussions

Frequent or ongoing loss of application accessibility and workforce productivity due to IT issues eventually translates into revenue losses, while cybersecurity is a real threat in today’s connected workplace.To minimise your risk and secure your business, call TBIG today!
TBIG Managed Support - Security

Prevent downtime, eliminate breaches, and boost productivity with TBIG's specialised IT outsourcing solution

Gain peace of mind with a comprehensive IT outsourcing solution that ensures the stability, security, and scalability of your IT infrastructure. With over 20 years of industry experience, we help you get the most out of your IT systems.

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Enquire About Ad Hoc IT Support

Pay-as-you-go support and callouts for a minimal monthly fee covers fundamental services such as licensing, backup, and security. You’re billed per incident when you need onsite or remote support.

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